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Corsa 7 / Renn Haus Detailing and Restorations

Equipped and qualified to handle every stage of any restoration, Corsa 7/ Renn Haus delivers the professional results your valued automobile deserves.

We realize the importance of a budget and therefore work within the perimeters you define. We provide detailed line-item billing on a monthly basis. Our rates are disclosed in advance and are among the lowest in the industry for the caliber of work we provide.

We carefully disassemble, categorize, organize and document all parts. It is this careful attention to detail that results in award-winning restorations.

Likewise, our detailing department is staffed with full-time professionals experienced in concourse level detailing of the finest automobiles. Great care is exercised to bring out the beauty in your automobile without utilizing harsh products or aggressive techniques. We use only the highest quality products and take the time to do the job right.