2004 Porsche Boxster IMS Replacement

This 2004 Porsche Boxster S is in for IMS bearing replacement.   The IMS is the Achilles heel of 996 and 997 911s (excluding Turbo models) as well as all 986 and 987 Boxsters. IMS stands for intermediate shaft. This geared shaft basically converts crankshaft motion to camshaft motion on either side of the engine. The IMS bearing supports the intermediate shaft and if it fails it can throw your cam timing which will cause extensive engine damage. This failure can happen at any mileage, with no warning. Your best option if you own a Porsche from the affected years would be to have the IMS bearing upgraded to avoid an engine rebuild…

April 5, 2021

April 5, 2021 One thing that is truly amazing about car culture- the opportunity for any person to be involved, and the ability it has to bring people together with no hesitations. Suddenly any potential cone blockades are knocked down and we are all one passionate community with the same interest. It does not matter what you like or how much/ little money you must spend, we are all the same. Whether you like to cruise in a luxury sedan, race hundred-thousand-dollar machines, autocross a little sports car… we recognize each other as enthusiasts and can bond over our passion regardless of what make, price point, or style of driving we are involved in….