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In 1989 Porsche was starting to realize the success in the 944 model (built and designed off its predecessor the 924). The 944 was a nimble, well balanced, sports car that had a front engine rear transaxle layout offered in four different trim levels. The base 944 with its 2.7L inline 4 cylinder only put out a modest 163HP with no real torque to brag about. The 944 S model did increase the power some to 187HP, but the real players were the 944 S2 and Turbo choices bringing 208HP and 247HP respectively. The turbo and S2 versions also had an optional performance brake package as well as a limited slip transmission option. The 944 went on to become the most successful model up until the release and eventual success of the 986 Boxster. Renn Haus acquired this vehicle in November of 2017 after months of looking for the perfect shop project car. Many options were considered and there were some excellent arguments for multiple machines but ultimately the team decided on the 944. This platform is well suited for road racing and autocross and can be modified in many ways with many aftermarket offerings. Additionally, the 944 platform has become one of the most capable and affordable chassis to modify into a high performance street car or weekend warrior. This S2 example features the brilliant Gulf Blue exterior paint with subtle Gulf Orange accents to pay tribute to the Gulf Racing heritage. The power train is comprised of a built 3.0L inline 4 cylinder 16 valve engine, attached to a LSD 5 speed manual transmission compliments of the cutting edge torque tube design(of the time period). The interior has been removed of all but the most crucial items in order to save weight. Added to the interior is a custom full roll cage paired with Sparco EVO III seats and cam lock harnesses. Autometer gauges, fire extinguisher system, and enlarged rear view mirror have also been added. The body is specifically designed to achieve better down force with the Broadfoot front bumper and splitter. Complimenting the front areo package is the heightened rear spoiler. In order to further lighten the vehicle, the rear hatch glass as well as the quarter windows have been replaced with lexan. The wheels are stock 18″ wheels mated with Nitto NT01 competition tires. The rear wheels have been pulled outwards with 30mm wheel spacers allowed by the GT Racing Wide Body rear fenders. The car has been lowered, and the stock torsion bar rear suspension has been replaced with a Bilstein coil over system, adjustable front and rear sway bars, and adjustable front camber/ caster plates. All of these custom modifications added together equal an exceptional race car that proves you don’t have to have a lot of horsepower to go fast. Personal best time around Sebring International Raceway to date is a 2.48”. These are great budget race cars that don’t hit the wallet as hard some of the fancier Porsche 911’s or M series cars.

Every thing stripped from vehicle, prepped, ready for paint.


From Blue interior to black

New versus old shifter components. Billet aluminum short shifter now installed.

Custom fabricated 3” stainless exhaust.

Upgraded Aero Package- Broadfoot front bumper and splitter, coupled with massive rear spoiler.

Wide body kit by GT Racing



Many hours of fitting, cutting, and re-fitting later…


With paint and trim…

Sarasota Porsche Repair