750 Horsepower Porsche 911 Turbo Upgrade Package

We’re now offering an ultimate turbo package upgrade for the Porsche 911, 991.1 models.  This custom kit will push your stock twin-turbo Porsche to the 750 (crankshaft) horsepower level.  You can watch the entire video here at : https://www.facebook.com/RennHaus/videos/734746596932168/

The kit begins with upgrading the stock turbochargers with a 68mm housing with billet compressor wheel.  The turbos provide a greater amount of air flow and pressure over the factory units, as well as maintaining good linear spool characteristics and the housing still remaine the factory VGT on the exhaust side. 

From there we are pumping the air through 5-inch cores, AWS intercoolers that also use upgraded carbon fiber inlets and outlets that we custom modify for exact fit and cooling performance. 

The intake charge pipes are upgraded with a custom in-house manufactured that are integrated with a Boost Logic Y-pipe that incorporates twin injector nozzles for a AEM water methanol injection system. We also upgrade the Y-Pipe with a TIAL blowoff valve, replacing the factory recirculation blowoff valves, due to them not holding the charge pressure increase that is needed for boost levels to achieve the amount of power we want. 

For the exhaust system we use a Boost Logic titanium full exhaust, with the pie-cut welds for a look that is amazing, and when the vehicle runs through several heat cycles will show a nice bluing of the metal.  This system also sounds amazing!

Currently the car is running 24 pounds of boost, and making 650 rear wheel horsepower and 630 foot pounds of torque. We were able to achieve this by using the Cobbs access port. At Renn Haus we are a pro tuning facility and part of their dealer distribution network. We spent about two days on the dynometer dialing this set up in and being exactly were we wanted to be while keeping a within a safe daily driven tune. 

If you have any questions or want to learn about having this combination added to your Porsche, please call us at 941-922-3600 for compete details.

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