1973 Meyers Manx

These street legal dune buggies were first invented to race in California in the 1960s. Powered by an air-cooled Beetle engine and in a lightweight fiberglass body,they were a ton of fun to rip around in. Some of you may remember the cartoon Speed Buggy– that was based on this little roadster! The manufacturer, owned by an engineer (and surfer!) Bruce Meyers, dominated dune racing in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s with the original model winning the first Mexican [Baja] 1000 in 1967.

This one is in for maintenance and some slight adjustments to the transmission and valves. We will also be doing a carburetor rebuild and tune to remedy a backfire our client was experiencing. After getting new tires and having the wheel bearings serviced, it will be healthy, safe, and ready to cruise around Sarasota all summer.

As many of you have seen me sign off before- Kasey @ Renn Haus