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Ferrari 458 Akrapovic Exhaust

Ferrari 458 Akrapovic Exhaust

We recently began installing a full titanium exhaust system on a 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale, and during the remove of the stock exhaust system, found an issue.  Once the full stock exhaust system was removed, it was noticed that the passenger side catalytic convertor felt very heavy compared to the driver side.  Upon inspection what we found was staggering.  The entire catalytic convertor was clogged up.  Keep in mind, this car has under 8,000 miles and there was no notable issues to the owner, while driving the vehicle.

Shown above is the clogged up catalytic convertor from the stock Ferrari Exhaust system.  Below is the driver side with no issues.

With the issue at hand, this was a result of the fuel injection system, with an improper fuel spray, overspraying the intake, resulting in excessive carbon build up.  We therefore removed the intake manifold system and fuel injection rails, along with the injectors to flow testing.  Now we are back to installing the items, along with the new titanium exhaust system and soon will have the customer back on the road for proper fuel delivery and an amazing exhaust note!  Check out the video here: