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Corsa 7 Collector Car Investment Services

Corsa 7 Auto Advisors, LLC was formed through the Cogan family’s decades of successful investing in industry sectors where real assets are the foundation. Corsa 7 Auto Advisors is an asset advisory service which facilitates the selection, acquisition and management of rare, collectable, exotic and ultra-luxury motorcars for its clients.

With today’s investment environment making it increasingly difficult to build true diversification into investment portfolios, many prudent investors dedicate a portion of their portfolios to real assets. These hard assets such as real estate, artwork and classic automobiles serve, not only as a credible store of wealth but, also provide a measure of utility and personal gratification that other investments do not. This visceral appeal however, makes it more important for investors to seek independent, professional guidance to avoid irrational bias and costly mistakes.

Corsa 7 Auto Advisors allows the customer to tap into Corsa 7 vast collector car experience, with hundreds of years of combined knowledge and thousands of contacts, resources and relationships. We regularly work in unison with a client’s attorneys, accountants, bankers and other advisors to deliver a truly informed investment decision.

Corsa 7 Auto Advisors offers a wide range of advisory services from developing client-specific investment plans, to research, sourcing and acquisition assistance, valuations and succession planning as well as analysis of financing and insurance options. Corsa 7 will also handle consignment, marketing and sales, all while protecting the client’s privacy.

Corsa 7 AA helps its clients make more informed decisions and removes the hassle from the entire process ensuing their automobile love affair will be happy ever after.