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April 5, 2021

April 5, 2021

One thing that is truly amazing about car culture- the opportunity for any person to be involved, and the ability it has to bring people together with no hesitations. Suddenly any potential cone blockades are knocked down and we are all one passionate community with the same interest. It does not matter what you like or how much/ little money you must spend, we are all the same. Whether you like to cruise in a luxury sedan, race hundred-thousand-dollar machines, autocross a little sports car… we recognize each other as enthusiasts and can bond over our passion regardless of what make, price point, or style of driving we are involved in. There are not many other areas of interest where you see complete inclusiveness- there are no racial, social, or economic barriers once you start talking to another car addict. Competitiveness and the desire to be unique or have a one-of-a-kind vehicle is a common denominator among the drivers that I know- and as much as that could cause a divide, you almost never see bad blood among us unless you cheat on the track. We all appreciate each other’s builds- even if it makes more power than our own. We all respect the energy and passion put into your project. New, old, European, Japanese, or American- we are just happy to see others excited about the same things we are.

Here at Renn Haus, we are a diverse group of individuals from all different backgrounds with appreciation for any car that comes through our bay door. If you are bringing your vehicle here, we know that you care about its health the same way we care about our own cars. Whether you are coming in for routine maintenance, a major repair, or power and performance upgrades, we take pride in always advising you in the most honest and respectful way- having the best interest of you and your car in mind. We strive to build a relationship with each of our clients- as we see you all as enthusiasts, or someone we could potentially inspire and educate into becoming one. Cheers to all cars and all car people.

Below are my personal cars, as well as some client cars that were in for various repairs and maintenance above.


As many of you have seen me sign off before- Kasey @ Renn Haus